Anjum Chopra Sports Scholarship Program

Sports, especially cricket, have been an integral part of our country. With the rising demand for cricket, people are participating more and more. Along with the men, women also take great interest in this sport. To encourage their talent and to promote the development of young women cricket enthusiasts. One of the former captains of the women’s cricket team, Anjum Chopra, has been offered a scholarship called the Anjum Chopra Sports Scholarship Program.

What is the Anjum Chopra Sports Scholarship Program?

Many passionate crickets and newbies can get financial support and training guidance from well-known trainers. Anjum Chopra, Sports Scholarship Program, can help nurture the skills and get exposure from international and domestic tours. All the young women cricketer can start their careers enthusiastically as this Scholarship will give them a great push. Anjum Chopra Sports Scholarship Program

How did it all start?

Last year, when the applications for this Scholarship started, they received over 150 applications. However, later, they reduced it to over ten applications. Later, when the first trials began in Gurgaon, the team was further diminished to over four candidates. Shraddha HS Motiparas from Porbandar, Gujrat, Shubhi Sharma, Gaurika Yadav from Mahendragarh, Haryana, Shubhi Sharma from Bareilly and Ishika Kumari from Burari, Delhi. This Scholarship was started the last year, 2023, training these four selected candidates. Candidates from delhi were able to practice daily, but there was a problem for applicants staying outside Delhi. These candidates used to report to the venue for 10-15 days a month.

The idea was to give all ten candidates scholarships, but they found only four skillful. But they are firm on selecting six other candidates in the future. Two of the four selected candidates play at state-level tournaments, whereas the remaining two are on the probable list of joining them. The Scholarship will even be renewed every year based on the progress and performance of the selected candidate.

About the Sponsors Push Sports

As a sports education company, the Anjum Chopra Sports Scholarship Program has helped several sports enthusiasts conquer their dreams. It is dedicated to utmost sustainability and fitness through their through sports-led interventions. They excel in training potential students and host matches and tournaments for them. Push Sports has built a solid subscriber base of over 2000 sportspersons. They aim to march towards a mission with hashtags #fitwithsports that promotes the fitness industry for young adults and small children. All this is done through the medium of spreading sports education.

Benefits of this Scholarship program

The ultimate aim of the scholarship scheme is to offer skillful and enthusiastic women an opportunity to showcase their talent. There are fewer chances for women cricketers like Women’s Premier League (WPL) to prove their worth. So, this becomes a challenge for them. Under this dedicated scholarship scheme, all women cricketers between 14 and 25 playing state-level competitions will get the Scholarship. A total of 10 best athletes will be selected based on their performance, dedication, and skill set. Moreover, each selected candidate will get a chance to win a scholarship amount worth ₹1,00,000 per annum towards match exposure and high-quality training.

Apart from the benefit, the selected candidates will get a fantastic opportunity to train for 12 months under the top coaches at Push Sports Arenas in India. The cherry on top is that Mr. Puru Singh, the former coach of the Delhi Women’s U-23 team, will mentor the players individually.

What will the players gain from this Scholarship?

The women crickets will gain the following advantages:

  • All cricket equipment will be provided to selected candidates.
  • Candidates will get Free Apparel.
  • Management will sponsor all Domestic and international tours.
  • Great mentoring from top coaches with match exposure and assistance.

Eligibility criteria for selection at Anjum Chopra Sports Scholarship Program

Here are a few eligibility criteria one needs to follow before filling out the online application form.

  1. All women cricketers between 14 and 25 are eligible to apply.
  2. Applicants must already be playing for the state-level championship.
  3. The candidates that are applying must be an Indian citizens.

Selection Criteria for applying to this scholarship program

The eligible applicants must fulfill the scholarship eligibility criteria. All shortlisted candidates must attend the interview. All trials will be held at Push Sports facilities in the Delhi NCR region. Selected ones will be notified about it within 15 days. After selection, all applicants must sign a contract with the sponsor Push Sports Management to take advantage of the scholarship program. As a part of the hiring process, players and the sponsors can negotiate and discuss any areas of player management.

How to Apply for the Anjum Chopra Sports Scholarship Program?

To apply for the Anjum Chopra Sports Scholarship Program, all the candidates must go to the official Push Sports website and apply by clicking the displayed registration link. If there is any query, the candidates can contact the below-mentioned address:

PUSH Sports – Email Id –

There are no application fees for applying for this Scholarship. Also, the candidates can apply any time of the year.

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