Aspire Institute Leadership Program 2024

Whether you are a student, a fresher, or already part of a fully-fledged team, leadership programs are essential for each one of you. As the saying goes, Excellent leaders remain unforgettable, and good leaders are memorable. Some of the great leaders encourage, motivate, and inspire their team, as well as others, to pursue their best. Similarly, today, we have brought to you one of the leadership programs known as the Aspire Institute Internship Program 2024.

About Aspire Institute

Aspire Institute is an independent NGO (nonprofitable organization) that was started at Harvard Business School. It was initially launched by two professors with the motive of spreading Corporate Social Responsibility projects worldwide. Karim Lakhani and Tarun Khanna inspired millions of people and started it back in 2017. Later, in the year 2022, their motive was to help young people worldwide. The professors believed that these young generation children are national assets and they can contribute their talents and leadership to build a thriving community.

What is the Aspire Institute Leadership Program 2024?

The Aspire Institute Leadership Program 2024 is a 14-week online leadership program fully sponsored by the Aspire Institute. It is designed to help potential students and talented individuals become well-versed professionals. All students from low-income families, recent graduates, and first-generation college students are invited worldwide to join this program. This is an entirely free-of-cost online interactive leadership session. The students can attend it from anywhere, which is manageable with other commitments. Aspire Institute Leadership Program 2024

Benefits of this leadership Program

Joining this program can bring wonders to students’ lives and help them with Professional and personal development. It will provoke their leadership skills, and they can cultivate qualities like problem-solving and critical thinking. This program will help them build a solid network with diverse International students. They can connect with people who share similar backgrounds and goals. Moreover, this will boost and enhance their portfolios and resumes and help the participants stand out among the crowd and their peers while applying for a job.

This network will help them provide a supportive community where they can interact with their peers, connect, and share their personal and professional challenges and doubts virtually. There will be live Interactive Masterclasses. The renowned faculty of Harvard and other world-class universities will lead these sessions. The students can enjoy free access to Harvard’s study modules and case studies during the live sessions.

Prize and Rewards of the Aspire Institute Leadership Program 2024

Upon completing each module of the leadership program sessions, the participants and the students will receive a certificate of completion. The students will even receive Mentorship opportunities. A seed funding of Rs ₹85,000 to help them take any risk in life. Furthermore, they will start an initiative that will positively affect and impact the social and economic community within the nation. To be eligible for the seed funding, the students will have to send a project proposal. Even there are community awards worth INR ₹8,50,000 for the eligible students.

Eligibility Critera for Applying to this Leadership Program

Here are specific eligibility criteria to follow while you fill out the online application form to enroll in this leadership session.

  1. The Students or aspirants must be between 18 and 29 years old.
  2. First-generation college students and recent graduates are eligible.
  3. People who have earlier enrolled are not eligible for the program.
  4. The participant of low background income is eligible to apply.
  5. The household income of the candidate must not be less than ₹8,00,000.
  6. Candidates should have an intermediate level of proficiency in the English Language.
  7. Participants can enroll themselves in technical programs or undergraduate courses.
  8. Students enrolled in full-time Masters and other post-graduate courses are ineligible.

How to Apply for the Aspire Institute Leadership Program 2024

All the eligible candidates can press this link to complete the online application form. Once clicking on the link, a page will appear; then follow the below steps:

  • Navigate through the Apply Now button on the website.
  • If registered, log in with your Gmail ID and password.
  • Not registered participants can sign up using their Email ID or Mobile number.
  • Click on the “Application Form Page,” then press the Apply Now button and start filling out the form.
  • Enter a valid email ID and scroll through the “Continue to Application button.
  • Enter the first name and last name.
  • Accept all the privacy conditions.
  • Press the “Continue to Application button.” Check the checkbox showing the ‘Data Protection Regulation‘ and press the ‘Continue’ option.
  • Read all instructions and fill in the required information.
  • Accept all terms and conditions and submit the application form.

Selection Procedure for the Candidates

The applicants will be selected based on these three steps of the Application process.

  1. Candidates who have undergone the English requirements i.e., international scholars, can only apply.
  2. Applicants must fulfill all the academic requirements as stated on the online application form.
  3. The participants should submit an essay.
  4. Candidates will be selected based on an interview round during the final interview. The point of contact will be through video call, meeting, phone call, or in person.

For more information, you can Click Here to Download the Program Curriculum.

Last Date to Apply

The last date to apply for this leadership program is on 3rd July 2024.

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