India Fellow Social Leadership Scheme

Education is about gathering information and training our minds to learn something new. It is the foundation on which a country and society can proceed. Moreover, children get to know the importance of education. Well-educated people can be successful and take up different jobs in their lives. Scholarships support this education and guide even the underprivileged students with grants, scholarship amounts, and other benefits. This directs poor students to continue their education without any barriers. So, keeping this in mind, the India Fellow Social Leadership Scheme has been initiated to help young graduates and professionals under the age of 20 to 30. 

We have provided detailed information about the scholarship so that the viewers can understand whether they are eligible to apply. 

What is the India Fellow Social Leadership Scheme 2024?

India Fellow Social Leadership Scheme is a 1-and-a-half-year leadership program. This scheme focuses on guiding graduates and young professionals in enhancing their skills. All this can also help positively impact the country’s progress. Simultaneously, under the guidance of mentors and trainers, fellow graduates will get an excellent opportunity to work with renowned organizations. The project will be dedicated solely to real-time projects and will promote effective learning to all its participants worldwide.

Benefits of the India Fellow Social Leadership Scheme

This scholarship scheme is highly devoted to research and working with grassroots organizations. Every selected student will get a chance to get a stipend of Rs 22000, which includes other benefits. Alternatively, Selective candidates from the rural areas will be granted a monthly stipend of Rs 15,000. This will cover their overall accommodations, hostel fees, and other benefits. The monthly stipend will be increased to over Rs 18000 if the organization does not provide any staying facilities.

In metropolitan areas such as Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, the benefits granted will be Rs 17000 with accommodation. The stipend will be Rs. 22,000 if the institute offers no accommodation.

Eligibility Criteria for Applying to the India Fellow Social Leadership Scheme

Participants should follow the eligibility criteria below to be selected for this scholarship. Failing to abide by this will lead to the cancellation of the candidature. Read it carefully:

  1. The Applicant’s age must be somewhere between 20-30 years.
  2. Candidate must be a permanent resident of India.
  3. The candidates must be ready to relocate to any part of India.
  4. Rural or Urban locations will be allotted to the candidate.
  5. Students must have a graduate degree in any field.
  6. Candidates completing their graduation near the fellowship date can also apply.
  7. Lastly, the Applicant must be willing to devote their 18 months fully to the fellowship program.

Criteria for Selection of the Candidates

After the students have thoroughly gone through the above eligibility criteria, here is how the applicants need to proceed further.

The steps followed during selection are as follows:

  • Shortlisting of candidates at the Initial stage – All the applicants will be reviewed using the online application form they submitted. Altogether, only a few students will be shortlisted.
  • Telephone Interview: Selected candidates must go through a telephonic round of interviews. In which the hiring team will go through their application form and ask relevant questions. The student will be promoted to the final round based on the questions the selecting team asks.
  • Final Selection Round of Interview: The candidates will be given a written assignment in this last round of interviews. After completing the assignment, they will be judged based on this assignment and their detailed conversation with the selection panel team.
  • Candidates Placement: After the final round of interviews, the last selected candidates will be placed as per their roles with the social organization. Furthermore, this will include their interests and skills, which will match the requirements and needs of the organization.

Note: The selected applicants must note their experiences, insights, and observations regarding this fellowship. It can be in the form of a written blog, podcast, or vlog. You must perform all this during your fellowship to keep the alignment between action and reflection intact. The students must also work on a detailed monograph at the end of their fellowship journey, showcasing their talents.

How to apply for the Leadership Scheme

Eligible candidates can apply through this link given here. After doing it, the candidates can follow the below instructions one by one:

  • Press the ‘Apply Now‘ button available at the bottom of the page.
  • Register with your Gmail ID and password.
  • Login with your details and fill out the required form.
  • Scroll through the Apply Now link.
  • Start filling out the form.
  • Lastly, press the submit button after reading the saved form correctly.

Last date to apply for the India Fellow Social Leadership Scheme

The end date to apply for this fellowship scheme is on 15-August-2024. Fill out the form now.

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