India Outstanding Achievement Scholarship Scheme

Scholarships are an excellent support system for students from the underprivileged sector of society. It helps appreciate the efforts of meritious students all over the world. In an era where inflation is at its peak, everything is becoming costlier. Education is one among them. Education must be free for everyone as everybody has the right to education. Nowadays, due to increases in cost and demand, many courses have high fees to be paid. Poor students can’t afford such high figures and are, therefore, unable to complete their education. In such a grave situation, scholarship is a backbone and is beneficial. It fulfills the basic requirements of such students and helps them accomplish their education dreams. Today, one such scholarship that has made the dreams of Indian Students to pursue their studies abroad come true is the India Outstanding Achievement Scholarship Scheme.

What is India’s Outstanding Achievement Scholarship Scheme?

The University of Birmingham has launched India’s Outstanding Achievement Scholarships Scheme for 2024-25. This opportunity is an excellent chance for all Eligible Indian Students who have applied for undergraduate courses. Those courses start in September 2024. This initiative will boost their confidence and help them complete their dream of studying at top foreign universities. Moreover, it will help students form a strong bond with like-minded students from other countries. This will also give rise to socio-economic developments. It will strengthen the international collaboration between countries. Further, the students can get guidance from top mentors to broaden their knowledge spectra and contribute to the country’s benefit.

Benefits of this Scheme

All the twenty selected and eligible meritious students will get a scholarship grant of £4,000, around ₹4.3 lakh. The candidates can use the money to pay the institute’s tuition fees. The payment eligibility is one-time and valid for the first year only. The burden on students will decrease, and they can study without financial worries. Many students who study abroad have to work part-time, doing different duties to pay for their chores. This will help those students pay for half of their tuition fees. Simultaneously, even the guardians or parents of the students can worry less about their students’ tuition fees at least for a year.

Eligibility Critera for Applying to India Outstanding Achievement Scholarship Scheme

The students must thoroughly follow the criteria below to be eligible for applying to this scheme. Failing to do so will lead to the non-selection of the candidates. India Outstanding Achievement Scholarship Scheme

  • The candidate must have a Domicile in India, and students must meet all the specified academic requirements of their offer to the program.
  • The candidate must be willing to pay the outstanding fees not mentioned under the scholarship scheme.
  • The stipulated university must classify the applicants as overseas fee payers for tuition fees.
  • The candidate should receive a full-time offer to study for undergraduate courses.
  • The offer must be from the University of Birmingham.


  • The candidates must note that they are not eligible to apply for this program if they are pursuing a BDS Dental Surgery, Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB), or Bachelor of Medicine course.
  • Candidates must pay their tuition fees for the first-year course by November 1st, 2024.
  • The scholarship won’t be combined with other awards except those offered by respective schools and colleges.
  • Applicants should have enough funds to cover the cost of living at the university.
  • The students should cover everything, including the travel expenses/visa and all the costs associated with studies.

List of Documents Required as stated by the Sponsors

Here is the list of documents one must submit when filling out the online application form. They are as follows:

  1. All the candidate’s academic marksheets, including the 10th and 12th Standard Marksheet.
  2. Statement of purpose issued by the High school and colleges.

Note: The candidate must note that this is a joint award from the university high school and local representatives. They will be invited to send all the nominations of the students based on their universities. Priority is given to the Scores of 12th Std and scholarship with Statement of Purpose.

Selection Critera of the candidate, along with the Local representatives of this scholarship

Applicants are selected for this scholarship based on the overall fulfillment of the academic records and eligibility criteria of the program. The higher authorities of the University of Birmingham are seeking out outstanding meritious students in their selection procedure. If there are rare cases where the candidates cannot be determined based on academic merits, an online interview will be initiated and held for such students as an additional assessment step to evaluate the knowledge and capability of the candidate.

List of the Local representatives involved in this scholarship:

  1. Fateh Education (Crizac)
  2. Santa Monica Study Abroad
  3. TC Global (formally The Chopra’s)
  4. KC Overseas Education (formally Krishna Consultants)
  5. Envision Overseas
  6. Aspire Overseas Education Pvt. Ltd
  7. IDP Education India
  8. Student Connect
  9. LCI Group
  10. TCL Global (Talib Consultancy Private Limited)
  11. SI UK India
  12. Leverage Edu
  13. GEEBEE Education
  14. Edwise International LLP
  15. Edvoy India

How to apply to the India Outstanding Achievement Scholarship Scheme

All eligible candidates can apply by clicking this link to complete the online application form. Once logged in, they need to follow the simple steps: 

  1. Press the Apply Now option.
  2. Scroll through the Register Button and fill in all the details.
  3. Go to the ‘APPLY NOW THROUGH UCAS’ option.
  4. Search for courses you are applying for, add all your details, and upload relevant documents.
  5. Submit the form and submit the scholarship application through the local representatives (any 1).

Last Date to Apply for the India Outstanding Achievement Scholarships Scheme

The last date to complete the online application form is April 30th, 2024.

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