UCL-GREAT Scholarship Scheme 2024

In today’s world, many employers prioritize professionally skilled candidates. Training is an essential aspect of overall self-development for individuals today. Here, scholarship is a boon in training individuals for these professional academic courses. Once an individual becomes utterly skilled in his field, there are ample opportunities for him in the corporate world. Moreover, to upgrade the capacity of any person, they need to be highly educated and seek special knowledge. To pursue this education and be entirely professional in their field, we have brought to you the UCL-GREAT Scholarship Scheme 2024.

What is the UCL-GREAT Scholarship Scheme 2024?

The UCL-GREAT Scholarship Scheme 2024 is a joint initiative conducted by three universities. They are the British Council,  GREAT Britain Campaign, and University College London (UCL). This scholarship will give a great opportunity to individuals who want to seek their studies abroad. International students from India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Malaysia can get a chance to pursue their post-graduation courses at a university in Great Britain.

Benefits of the Scholarship scheme

Under this scholarship scheme, all the selected students will get a chance to receive an award money of £10,000. The funds will be granted to the students for their first year of pursuing the postgraduate course at the foreign university. Students can pay for their tuition and college admission fees through this scholarship money. This will give them a chance to develop their skills and indulge with students who share different opinions and knowledge. They can also learn many new things under a proper mentorship at the university. It will thus widen the knowledge and bridge the gap between different nations and their ideologies.

Eligibility Criteria for applying to the UCL-GREAT Scholarship Scheme 2024?

The students must follow specific eligibility criteria to apply for the scholarship scheme. The requirements are as follows:

  1. The candidates should apply for a full-time postgraduate master’s degree.
  2. Students should enroll in the years 2024-25.
  3. Applicants must receive an offer from the university before the scholarship date closes.
  4. Students must be citizens of India, Malaysia, Nigeria, or Bangladesh.
  5. Candidates pursuing flexible courses as per their choice and time and those taking distance learning courses are ineligible for this scholarship scheme.

Documents required for applying to the Program

Here is a list of all the documents that are necessary to fill out the online application form for this scheme. They are as follows:

  • A personal statement issued by the candidate.
  • A photocopy or xerox of the applicant’s current passport.
  • Applicants must submit an admission application to UCL as part of their scholarship eligibility.
  • Academic reports of the candidates, such as the certificates and marksheets for all the previous examinations.
  • Some programs in which the candidate has enrolled may ask for additional documents. It will depend solely on the courses they have opted for. For further information, the candidates can refer to the official website of the Scholarship Scheme.

Selection Criteria while applying for this scholarship

Some selection criteria are set up by various institutes or universities for selecting the candidates. For this scholarship it will be based on the financial needs and academic marks and on merit status of the candidate.


  1. The results of all the candidates who have successfully received the scholarship will be announced in the early week of July.
  2. Recipients who received the award must report at the UCL Student Funding Office after their UCL Master’s degree program. Applicants must do this before and after receiving the UCL-GREAT Scholarship Scheme.
  3. The applicants who are shortlisted must submit an assessment showcasing the financial assistance offered in the middle of June.

Contact details of the Institute

If the applicants face any issues while filling out the online application form, they can reach out to the Institute’s contact number.

In case of any queries related to students finding adviser inquiries, the email ID to contact the management is:

Email ID: studentfundingadvice@ucl.ac.uk

For any general queries regarding the scholarship, the candidates can contact the

Email ID:  studentfunding@ucl.ac.uk

The applicants can also reach out at the phone number 0207 679 0004.

How to apply for the UCL-GREAT Scholarship Scheme 2024?

All eligible candidates can apply for this scholarship program by clicking the link here. After that, kindly follow the steps below to proceed with the application form. UCL-GREAT Scholarship Scheme 2024

  1. Press the Apply Now button on the website.
  2. Scroll through the Register Now option and fill in all the registration details as given below.
  3. If not registered, log in with your Gmail ID/ Mobile Number and password.
  4. Once done, Go to the Apply Now link and press on ‘International Masters Awards.’
  5. Read the information carefully.
  6. Log on to the portal with the required details.
  7. Press the View button for all the ‘Active Applications’ for funding.
  8. On the screen, select the ‘Funding’ option at the top of the icon page.
  9. On the fund’s page, check which funds are eligible to apply.
  10. Press on check and apply under the funds available option.
  11. Scroll down the scholarship name on the application scheme.

Last Date to Apply for the UCL-GREAT Scholarship Scheme 2024

The end date to fill out the application form is on 7th May 2024.

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