MCAER Dr. Punjabrao Deshmukh Vasatigruh Nirvah Bhatta Yojna (AGR)

Farmers and labourers work hard to earn the bread and butter of a day for their family members. Their contribution to our nation is highly appreciable. But have you wondered how they are looking after their student’s education? Well, the Maharashtra Government vows to take care take of it. Launching the MCAER, Dr Punjabrao Deshmukh Vasatigruh Nirvah Bhatta Yojna (AGR) has created great wonders. MCAER Dr Punjabrao Deshmukh Vasatigruh Nirvah Bhatta Yojna (AGR)

Do you want to know how? Read further to understand how this yojana scheme will benefit the children of farmers and labourers the most.

MCAER Dr Punjabrao Deshmukh Vasatigruh Nirvah Bhatta Yojna (AGR)

The MCAER Dr Punjabrao Deshmukh Vasatigruh Nirvah Bhatta Yojna (AGR) is a great mission started by the Government of Maharashtra. This scheme is launched under the Maharashtra Council Of Agriculture Education and Research (MCAER).

The main motive of this scheme is to provide financial help to all the children of marginal land farmers. Not only that, but this program benefits children of registered labourers. Through this, the children can focus on their education. Also, their parents no longer need to worry about their children’s education as this Yojana will help and boost them in starting their careers.

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Benefits of this Program

All the registered labourers and marginal land farmers working in Maharashtra will be able to benefit from this scholarship program. All the selected students will receive a stipulated amount of Rs 30000 for ten months.

Through this fantastic scheme, more and more children will be eager to concentrate on their studies; once they stay focused, they can create a bright future for themselves and their parents. What can be more impressive than this? Even the literacy rate of Maharashtra will increase. Simultaneously, no student will be deprived of education and even perform well academically.

Moreover, here is a detailed chart of how the students will receive the ten-month hostel maintenance amount.

Students with an income of Rs 80000 per annum Students whose parents are marginal land farmers/ registered labour Category
Rs 10000 Rs 30000 Students studying in the PMRDA/MMRDA/Nagpur city or Aurangabad
Rs 8000 Rs 20000 For other locations in Maharashtra


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Eligibility Criteria for applying for MCAER Dr Punjabrao Deshmukh Vasatigruh Nirvah Bhatta Yojna (AGR)

Suppose you feel you can apply for this Yojana, or if you know anyone who can benefit from it. Read the eligibility criteria to get a summarized idea of the program and help your fellow buddy.

  • The student must have a domicile in Maharashtra.
  • Candidate must have taken admission in professional or Technical courses (undergraduate, Postgraduate, or diploma courses).
  • Applicant must be a child of a registered labourer/Marginal Land farmer (alpabhudharak).
  • They should be studying at a renowned university.
  • Students must have taken admission through the Centralized Admission Process (CAP).
  • The annual income of the student’s family should not be less than Rs 800000.
  • Candidates should have a minimum of 50% attendance in the previous semester (this does not imply a student taking fresh admission in the course).
  • Applicants must take admission under the general category or socially and economically weaker class (EWS) category.

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Documents required:

If you fall under the above-given eligibility criteria, do not forget to read the list of documents. This document list is crucial while you apply for the online application form. 

  1. Domicile certificate of Maharashtra state.
  2. Corrective Action Plan (CAP) related documents
  3. All marksheets of the candidate from class 10th (SSC) onwards until this academic year.
  4. The undertakings in the current year.
  5. There should be no more than two beneficiaries from the candidate’s family.
  6. Alternatively, the student must possess Alpabhudharak (Marginal landholder) or a registered labour certificate. ( if the candidate does not have an Alpabhudharak (Marginal landholder) or a registered labour certificate, then a family annual income certificate is a must)
  7. Hosteller documents (if a private hostel or a paying guest and agreement with the owner are necessary).

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Steps to apply for MCAER Dr Punjabrao Deshmukh Vasatigruh Nirvah Bhatta Yojna (AGR)

If you are eligible to apply for this yojana scheme, kindly Click Here. Once you click on the above link, follow the below steps:

  • Click on the Apply Now button.
  • Then, click the ‘Register Now’ button and fill in all your required details if you are not registered.
  • Click on the New Applicant Registration button.
  • Once registered, fill in all the details asked to verify the email ID and phone number.
  • Complete the Aadhar verification process using OTP or biometrics.
  • Proceed to fill out the Applicants form.
  • Log in with your username and password and fill out the details asked in the form.
  • Also, upload your relevant document list and click the submit button.

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